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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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34                       To Richard West                   [1739
dine at two o'clock,—as we were picking our teeth round a littered table and in a crumby room, Gray in an undress, Mr. Conway in a morning grey coat, and I in a trim white night-gown and slippers, very much out of order, with a very little cold, a message discomposed us all of a sudden, with a service to Mr. Walpole from Mr. More, and that, if he pleased, he would wait on him. We scuttle upstairs in great confusion, but with no other damage than the flinging down two or three glasses and the dropping a slipper by the way. Having ordered the room to be cleaned out, and sent a very civil response to Mr. More, we began to consider who Mr. More should be. Is it Mr. More of Paris? No. Oh, 'tis Mr. More4, my Lady Teynham's husband5 ? No, it can't be he. A Mr. More, then, that lives in the Halifax family? No. In short, after thinking of ten thousand more Mr. Mores, we concluded it could never be a one of 'em. By this time Mr. More arrives; but such a Mr. More I a young gentleman out of the wilds of Ireland, who has never been in England, but has got all the ordinaiy language of that kingdom; has been two years at Paris, where he dined at an ordinary with the refugee Irish, and learnt fortifications, which he does not understand at all, and which yet is the only thing he knows. In short, he is a young swain of very uncouth phrase, inarticulate speech, and no ideas. This hopeful child is riding post into Lorrain, or anywhere else, he is not certain; for if there is a war he shall go home again: for we must give the Spaniards another drubbing, you know; and if the Dutch do but join us, we shall blow up all the ports in Europe ; for our ships are our bastions, and our ravelins, and our hornworks; and there's
* Hon. Robert Moore (d. 1728),     Thomas Barrett Lermard; (2) Henry
third son of third Earl of Drogheda.      Boper, eighth Baron. Teynham ; (3)
6 Anne Leonard (d. 1755), second     Hon. Bobert Moore, as above. On
daughter of Thomas Lennard, Earl     the death of her elder sister (1741)
of Sussex and Baron Daore; m. (1)     she became Baroness Dacre.